Liquor Licensing

Glen F. KubistaGLEN F. KUBISTA, a former Investigator for the New York State Liquor Authority, has, for the past three decades, represented applicants and licensees statewide in a variety of matters with this State Agency.

ANTHONY D. PUTORTI, a former Executive Officer for the State Liquor Authority, adds over 50 years of knowledge to the expertise and services offered by our office. Mr. Putorti started with the Liquor Authority in 1964 as a Beverage Control Investigator and retired in 1997 as the Executive Director of the Agency.

Anthony PutortiOur professional and experienced staff includes other former Liquor Authority Agents and together we offer you over 85 years of combined Liquor Authority experience.

Our extensive client base, which includes every type of entity from Sole Proprietorship to Fortune 500 companies, has been represented in every phase of licensing and enforcement situations including, but not limited to:

  1. New License Applications
    • Delis, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Taverns, Nightclubs, Cafes
    • Hotels, Liquor Stores, Pizzerias, Resorts and Seasonal Businesses.
    • Club Licenses
    • Wholesale License Applications
    • Concessionaire License Applications
  2. Transfers
  3. Removals
  4. Alterations
  5. Corporate Changes – Profit & Not For Profit
  6. Partnership & Dissolution of Partnerships
  7. Endorsement Applications
  8. Special Permit Applications
  9. Annual Renewals
  10. Enforcement Issues
  11. Pleading and Hearings.
    • Violations, Fines & Suspensions
  12. Full Board Hearings
    • Revocations, Cancellations, Suspensions, Civil Penalties & Bond Claims.

Our success is attributed to the fact that our services are all inclusive. Each issue is dealt with on a factual basis working within the requirements of the State Liquor Authority.

On new license applications the Liquor Bond will be provided through our office and subcontractors of our office will provide you with the photos and diagrams as required by the State Liquor Authority. Other professional referrals are also available upon request.

In view of our extensive knowledge of the State Liquor Authority and our expertise in the area of Liquor Licensing, our applications are prepared in a format that allows the State Liquor Authority to process your application in the most expedient manner.